Guide- How Long Does a Cat Stay In Heat for the First Time?

How Long Does a Cat Stay In Heat for the First Time

Do you know how long does a cat stay in heat for the first time? A female unsprayed cat becomes mature sexually in the duration of six to twelve months. The maturity of the cat depends on the material or the diet the cat is getting fed. A feral cat matures later than a pet cat because it gets high-quality food. A house cat is in heat any time as the breeding season comes for the feral cat as well. The behavior of the cat is recognizable and alarming. It is vital to guess whether the cat is in heat or not.

An indoor female cat lives under artificial light 24/7. There are various phases to the heat cycle of the cat. A cat lasts about two weeks or ten days. 

How Long Does a Cat Stay In Heat for the First Time

Check How Long Does a Cat Stay In Heat for the First Time?

Numerous methods can guide you about the cat. Some of the signs of a cat in heat are given below.

  • Check the cat’s reproductive cycle
  • Behavioral signs
  • With the help of these two ways, you can recognize that your cat is in heat and Do you know how long does a cat stay in heat?

Behavioral Signs – A Cat in Heat for the First Time

  • Cats become restless, and they feel discomfort
  • Their style of calling changes and their voice becomes sad, distressed, crying, or loud. 
  • It starts rubbing its ankle and cheeks. 
  • Cat’s tail deflection is the prime sign that the cat is in heat.
  • It starts commando crawling, rolling, and wailing
  • Cats start excessive licking because their vulva swells. 
  • It disappears any time
  • Check the role of the season and gesture cycle

So, with the help of these behavioral signs, you can learn how long does a cat stay in heat for the first time.

What to Do If Cat Becomes Pregnant?

It is good to take her to the veterinary services. The vet doctors help you care for your health and give birth safely. This is the time when your cat needs most of your attention. Vet clinics are the ultimate option for offering a proper cure for the animal’s problems. The hygiene of your cat is highly vital when it is pregnant. It needs to clean the surroundings, carpets, rugs, and home. Vacuum cleaner is the right way to clean the carpets because it sucks the pests and eggs.

You can learn how long does a cat stay in heat for the first time from her activities. So, you must keep the area clean with anti-allergens and other cleaning solutions.  Save your cat from infection and pest infestation. Your cat’s fitness is important this time and this is how you can calm a cat in heat at night.


There are many clinics, but veterinary services are the ones who think that your pets are a real responsibility of them. Her health conditions can help you know how long does a cat stay in heat for the first time.

  • Veterinary services take care of your pet as a child.
  • They take away them for the unhygienic things.
  • The veterinary services take care of their sensitivity, removing them from the allergens.
  • They guide you on how to provide them with a good environment and how to stop a cat in heat mewing.

Food for Cat

Your cats need best nutrition. Cats do not want to eat food, and they become aggressive. It is good to encourage them to eat healthy food during pregnancy. They should eat food that is free from toxins. Their irritation and aggression stop them from eating food. In some infections and diseases, cats stop eating and do not like food. Which food is suitable for them is your prime concern. Your can eating habits can decide how long does a cat stay in heat for the first time.

Learn about the Cat’s Behavior

Learn about the behavior of your cat in pet’s behavioral counseling. Before getting trained, a cat needs to understand its behavior when it is pregnant. Biting and excessive mewing are the signs of destructive and painful behavior. The majority of cats become aggressive when they become pregnant. They become aggressive towards people. You can learn many things about the cat’s wellbeing.

Save Cats from Infections

It is very important to save your cats from infection when pregnant. It needs good care to boost its immunity against diseases. Keep the cats at home for this duration to protect those diseases and germs. You need to know about health care for pregnant cats.

Your cat needs vaccination to improve its immunity. This is good for your cat’s health. It can save your cat from infections. A pregnant cat should not be infected. Your cat may need an emergency service just because of a severe injury or disease resulting from an accident, heatstroke, household poisoning, or choking.

Signs Cat Needs Health Care

Here are some important signs of the pets for which you may need an emergency service: rapid breathing, difficulty standing, pale gums, apparent paralysis, seizures, rapid or weak pulse, consciousness loss, change in the temperature of your body, and too much bleeding. In an emergency, it is hard to handle for most people. You should be careful during this period. You can ask doctor how long does a cat stay in heat for the first time.

When you find your cat is in trouble, you can call a vet doctor, who will provide quick services in a few minutes and help your pet get rid of the problem or trouble.

How Do They Help You?

You can call them in any emergency online. Their well-equipped emergency van is always within your access since they can guide you better how long does a cat stay in heat for the first time. They provide your pet’s medical care at a high level. Do not waste your time by running here and there because it can be risky for your pet’s life. Their team will come to you at your given location. It is very simple and easy to access them because they know the need for time and care in any emergency.

When your cat is pregnant, you need to take advice from the efficient team because a vet doctor knows how to serve your animals as the priority. They have created a pet-friendly environment in the center to make your animals comfortable. You can take the advice from the experts because they are the ultimate solution for cats in heat. Moreover, this is how to stop a cat in heat mewing.

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