German shepherd Physical Characteristics- An Amazing Guide

German shepherd Physical Characteristics

So, you want to know German shepherd physical characteristics? One may see the German shepherd golden retriever mix as an inter-breed of the two specific American favorite breeds for a new dog breed. Researchers say it is known to be at number three as per the buyers’ choices. It is known to be a loyal and intelligent dog breed, so dog lovers prefer it. They are also friendly and the best learners, which is an additional trait for the likes.

German shepherd Physical Characteristics

OverviewGerman shepherd Physical Characteristics

As experimented ten years back, a new breed has become popular due to a specific crossbreed of German shepherds. It comes in the delivery of a new category known to us as the German shepherd golden retriever mix. This is a rare breed as a short time has passed since the experiment, and now the current breed crosses will produce the right strains by and by. Thus, German shepherd physical characteristics make them quite obvious to recognize.

Originally, the black German shepherd physical characteristics are different. They are ideal to perform hard jobs called herding, but now they also have some other jobs. They are playing a crucial role in many regards. They have the correct work in the police plus army. Indeed, the new breed is also getting jobs over there.

Moreover, German shepherd golden is supposed to be taken for businesses like gundogs during waterfowl hunting. These kind of supportive jobs are boosting their training plans and are adding to the learning tendencies in their generations as well.


So, if we discuss their German shepherd physical characteristics, their outlook is very special. Their coat color is brownish. It has a double coat, which belongs but is thick too. It also depends on the parents’ skin color as it is a mixed generation so it might be taking the skin color from the parents. This will be visible in the shape of amalgamates as well. The parents might have black and tan coats, so the new generation will give off golden rust color tints.

The dog’s chest will be thick with the addition of a proper straight back. This will surely add to their incrementing length as an impressive feature. This breed is known to be a medium to large-sized dog for the owners. They weigh 60-88 lbs and are approximately 20-26 inches tall.

The females will have a bit low height compared to the males. They will have a double coat on the body, and this seems suspicious as they might be shedding down the coat to have beauty in better looks. The fur is of two types, both smooth and rough.


Here, we can describe German shepherd physical characteristics, so the temperament and nature differ. This also depends on the parents whose life they will adopt with dominance over the other recessive one. They are incredibly intelligent as they are also adapting this feature from one of the parents.

It is affectionate for the family and friends. They care for the owner and love to scroll around him all the time. He is always ready and responsive to the owner’s directions, which makes him feel an affinity towards the surrounding people.

They have high learning tendencies, so the trainers may excellently deal with them. They are highly energetic dogs because they are always in action. They have a high zeal for learning and following directions. This secures their job in the military. German shepherd is an incredible pet and companion to other animals.

Eating Habits

Breeders feed a regular diet for the puppies in the lower ages, but when they grow up, they are supposed to have a healthy diet plan. They might take meals four times during childhood, but they will be shifted to twice-meal routines in adulthood.


They are also prone to diseases, so it is mandatory to take care of them regarding weather conditions and general diseases. Severe illnesses like cancer and heart attack can also be possible.

Long-Haired VS Short-Haired German Shepherd


It is one of the short haired white and black dog breeds. So, we are going to discuss German shepherd physical characteristics. Both are loyal and protective. They take good care of the owner and others as well as they take good care of the owner in all regards. But, they are truly intelligent plus athletic. Thus, they are responsible for the owner. They are followers of the owners. However, these species have males with a larger size as compared to the females’ height. It is the difference to look at them to identify gender. But, they ask for high workouts to stay fit and fine. Both have high potency for going out and scrolling around.  

Furthermore, loneliness is a severe issue for both species; they love being in public and fellows. They may develop separation anxieties. Hence, these are extraordinarily caring for their families. Both breeds care for the pups, too. Love is in their veins. Thus, they may have the same kind of diseases, for instance, heart attack. Both have long life spans, so it is safe to have them at home for 9-14 years. In this short time, they remain on the screen to stay active.


You will find some differences in German shepherd physical characteristics. Short-Haired German Shepherd is only about an inch, but the Long-Haired German Shepherd is two inches longer. This is a minor difference, but still, it exists, so it is to be counted. Short-Haired shepherd has an inner and outer coat on the skin, while Long Haired German Shepherd has only a single layer of skin. This may affect the workout limit as well, and the double jacket may save them from harsh weather to stay like normal. 

German shepherd with short hair feels safer from winter for being double-coated on the skin, while the Long-Haired German Shepherd is severe to the winter season. The short hair ones are unfriendly to strangers, but Long-Haired German Shepherd doesn’t. Behavior may vary as per environment, but it is the main thing they have. 

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