Bald French Bulldog: Causes, Care Tips, Adoption Guide for Hairless Frenchie Dogs

Bald French Bulldog

Bald French Bulldog, or Frenchies, are known for their adorably smooshed faces, stocky bodies, and charming personalities. However, some Frenchies suffer from hair loss or baldness. If you’re considering getting a bald French bulldog, it’s important to understand the causes, risks, and proper care for these sensitive pups.

What is a Bald French Bulldog?

A bald French bulldog has significant hair loss over parts of its body or coat thinning overall. This can range from small bald patches to near-complete baldness. The technical term for abnormal hair loss in dogs is alopecia.

The bald French bulldog is often used to describe Frenchies with hereditary hair loss or seasonal flank alopecia. However, any Frenchie that loses its coat can be called a bald French bulldog.

Common Causes of Baldness in French Bulldogs

There are several possible reasons why a French bulldog may start to go bald. Common causes include:


Some lines of French bulldogs are predisposed to hair loss. Congenital hypotrichosis is an inherited form of alopecia that results in sparse hair growth.

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions like demodectic mange, seborrhea, and folliculitis can cause patchy baldness. Yeast and bacterial infections irritate the skin and hair follicles.


Allergies to foods, grass, pollen, or chemicals frequently lead to itchy skin and hair loss in sensitive Frenchies.


Ringworm fungus, staph bacteria, and other contagious skin diseases can result in circular bald patches.

Hormonal Imbalances

Thyroid disorders, Cushing’s disease, and sex hormone imbalances may trigger coat thinning and shedding.

Bald French Bulldog

Signs Your Frenchie May Be Going Bald

Watch for these signs of hair loss in your French bulldog:

  • Thinning coat overall
  • Bald patches appearing on the body
  • Excessive shedding
  • Red or irritated skin

Baldness often starts on the hind end and tail. But it can appear anywhere. Any hair loss warrants a veterinary visit to determine the cause.

Health Risks of Baldness in French Bulldogs

Losing its coat leaves a Frenchie vulnerable in several ways:

Sunburn & Skin Cancer

Without fur for protection, bald skin is at high risk of sunburn and associated pain, skin damage, and skin cancer.

Loss of Temperature Regulation

Bald Frenchies have a harder time maintaining normal body temperature and are prone to overheating or getting chilled.

Skin Infections

Exposed skin is more prone to suffering scrapes, bites, and bacterial or fungal infections.

Bald French Bulldog

Treatment Options for Bald French Bulldogs

The appropriate treatment depends on the underlying cause of your Frenchie’s hair loss. Options may include:

Medicated Shampoos & Topicals

Antifungal and antibacterial shampoos and leave-on creams can treat many skin infections and irritation.

Allergy Medication

Antihistamines, immunosuppressants or immunotherapy may be used to control itchy allergic skin.

Antibiotics or Antifungals

The oral or topical medication kills bacterial, yeast, and fungal infections.

Hormone Therapy

Supplements of thyroid hormones, adrenal hormones, or sex hormones can resolve hormonal baldness.

Diet Change

Novel protein or hydrolyzed diets help minimize food allergies. Fatty acid supplements boost coat health.

Bald French Bulldog

Caring for a Bald Frenchie

If your French bulldog is losing its fur, you’ll need to take extra steps to keep it healthy:

Limit Sun Exposure

Keep your bald buddy out of the sun or use dog-safe sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

Protect Sensitive Skin

Dress your dog in a t-shirt, sweater, or dog coat when going outside.

Keep Them Warm

Avoid temperature extremes and chill. Use sweaters and beds to stay cozy.

Bathe Regularly

Bathe weekly with a gentle, hydrating shampoo to ward off skin infections.

Moisturize Skin

Apply a soothing, fragrance-free moisturizer after baths to keep skin from drying out.

Clean Ears

Check and clean ears to prevent infections in newly exposed ear canals. Great post read about Big Rope French Bulldog.

Bald French Bulldog

Should You Get a Bald French Bulldog?

While bald French bulldog for sale make cute, loving pets for some owners, they do require extra care. Be prepared to make accommodations like:

  • Keeping them out of the sun
  • Buying dog clothing and moisturizer
  • Paying for veterinary treatment of skin issues
  • Cleaning ears and wrinkles meticulously

Adopting a bald Frenchie can be very rewarding – giving a dog a loving home despite its imperfections. But these dogs aren’t right for everyone.

Adopting vs. Buying a Bald Frenchie

Many bald French bulldogs wind up in shelters or with rescue groups when owners can’t handle their care. If you decide to get a bald Frenchie, consider adoption first.

Buying bald French bulldog puppies may encourage irresponsible breeding practices if hair loss is genetic. Adoption helps reduce these risky breeding activities.

Bald French Bulldog

Costs of Owning a Bald French Bulldog

Bald Frenchies incur some additional costs above the normal care for a Frenchie. Expenses may include:

Vet Bills

Diagnosing and treating skin conditions usually involves lab tests, medications, and follow-up visits.


Ongoing prescription shampoos, pills, creams, and special diet foods add up.

Sun Protection

You’ll need dog-safe sunscreen, lightweight clothes, and shade structures outside.

Skin Care

Moisturizers, wipes, and specialty shampoo keep their skin healthy.

Special Diet

Hypoallergenic or veterinary foods minimize skin reactions for some dogs.

Final thought

While baldness can be challenging for French bulldogs, they can still make wonderful pets for an owner willing to provide attentive care. Their hairlessness does not affect their playful, affectionate temperament. With some reasonable accommodations, bald Frenchies can live a full, happy life.

Bald French Bulldog


Q: At what age does hair loss occur in French bulldogs?

A: Hair loss can begin anytime from puppyhood to senior years, depending on the cause. Allergies often start between ages 1-3. Hereditary baldness begins at 1 year old.

Q: How can I prevent sunburn on my bald Frenchie?

A: Limit sun exposure, apply dog-safe sunscreen, dress them in UV-protective dog clothes, and provide shade when outside.

Q: Do bald French bulldogs shed?

A: Shedding may be reduced but not eliminated. Baldness prevents shedding from bare areas only. Overall shedding depends on the extent of hair loss.

Q: Can female bald French bulldogs safely breed?

A: Spaying is recommended, but if you plan to breed, ensure both parents have been tested for congenital alopecia to avoid passing on the trait.

Q: Is baldness common in French bulldogs?

A: No, complete baldness is uncommon. But many Frenchies do suffer some hair thinning or patchy seasonal flank alopecia. Selective breeding helps reduce baldness.

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