Top 5 Benefits of Boarding Your Dog While You Travel

Boarding Your Dog

Whether you hire a pet sitter or boarding your dog, it can be difficult to leave them. However, with proper planning, you and your pet can enjoy your vacation knowing that your pup is in good hands.

Ideally, your dog should get used to their new surroundings well before you leave by visiting the boarding facility for daycare or short pop-in visits. This will reduce their separation anxiety and stress.

Peace of Mind

Pet owners love their dogs and don’t want to leave them behind, but sometimes travel is unavoidable. Be it because of a work commitment, family emergency, or a medical issue.

The most obvious benefit of boarding dogs Denver while you travel is peace of mind. You know trained professionals will care for your pet in a clean, safe environment.

It’s also much safer than having a friend or relative stop by your home to feed and check on your dog. The local government typically licenses and regulates boarding kennels to ensure your pet is safe. It’s also good to provide your pets with a bed and some familiar items, like a worn t-shirt with your scent, to help comfort them.

Boarding Your Dog


Many pet dads and moms ask a chum or member of the family to observe their canine while they pass on holiday. However, this will cause several issues. For one, your buddy may be busy, unavailable, or definitely not up to worry about your dog even as you’re gone.

Also, your pet can easily become bored while you are away if left alone for days. This can lead to barking or destruction at the time and cause longer-term problems such as separation anxiety when you return.

Boarding your dog while you are on vacation can ensure that they are exposed to people and other dogs, keeping them active and socialized. This can help with their training, which will benefit them.


If your dog has problems, such as pulling on the leash or not coming when called, training during a vacation can be a great way to get those behaviors under control. We can work with you to customize a program for your dog when you are away so that they leave your vacation with a solid obedience foundation that will last long after you return home.

If you want to train your dog for travel, start by making their crate a happy place by using treats and gradually increasing the amount of time they spend in it. Then, if they are flying in the cabin with you, ensure they know that their crate is their “safe place” and that people (strangers) will be around them during the flight.

Boarding Your Dog

Health Care

Sometimes, you can not deliver your canine to a marriage, business experience, or circle of relatives excursion. When those conditions stand up, boarding your pet at a kennel or veterinarian clinic is a superb choice for you and your canine.

Veterinarian boarding facilities usually have ample space for pets to run and play, which can help prevent separation anxiety. Some dogs suffering from separation anxiety may get bored when left alone for days, which can lead to destructive behaviors and other health problems such as digestive issues or obesity.

Pet boarding also allows your pet to socialize with animals of their own kind, which can benefit shy or introverted pups who need more interaction. This can make them happier and more relaxed when you come home from your travels.

Boarding Your Dog

Safety: boarding your dog

Rather than asking a friend to drop by your house or a pet sitter to visit regularly, boarding can provide a more stable environment for pets. Boarding facilities often have a set daily routine for the dogs, including meal times, walks, and playtime.

This can also keep the animals calm and happy during their stay, reducing separation anxiety. Plus, the boarding facility will ensure that your dog is up to date on all of their vaccinations so they don’t get sick from being in an unfamiliar environment with a new group of people and animals.

Ask your boarding facility for a list of items you should bring for your dog’s comfort while you’re away, like their favorite bed, toy, or clothing that smells like you.

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