10 Common Symptoms of Diabetes in Dogs – A Comprehensive Guide

common symptoms of diabetes in dogs

Do you want to know common symptoms of diabetes in dogs? Most of the people love to have pets. Some like birds, while others like animals. The love of man for animals or birds is natural. Many of us would like to have a dog as our pet. No doubt, the dog is a faithful animal. He cares a lot for his owner. The dog is also doing the duty of taking care. Many people would like to have dogs for protection purposes. The dogs are well known for protecting the homes. 

Knowing Common Symptoms of Diabetes in Dogs

So, whenever you take dogs or any animals as a pet or as your protection purpose, you should take care of them. It would help if you had to glance at your pet’s activity. Is your pet behaving well, or has it become lazy? You must visit the pet doctor if you feel something is wrong with your pet because you must keep them healthy and safe from disease. There are some common symptoms of diabetes in dogs.

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About Diabetes in Dogs

Here, we are going to talk about diabetes in dogs. Diabetes in dogs is a very diverse disease. It could occur due to a lack of hormone insulin. It could also occur because of inadequate insulin response. When a dog eats the food, his digestive system makes the pieces of the food.

Learn more about common symptoms of diabetes in dogs. The dog’s digestive system forms the food into various compounds. It also makes glucose, which is carried into his cells by insulin. The level of blood sugar uplifts when the dog does not produce insulin or cannot utilize it normally. All of this forms hyperglycemia in the dog. If this is not treated well, it may cause the dog many complications. 

common symptoms of diabetes in dogs

Sympoms You May Observe

It is essential to understand what type of diabetes your dog has and how to control it. Let’s consider what the symptoms of diabetes in dogs are. The following symptoms should be inspected as they could be pointers to the signs of diabetes in dogs.  

  • Change In Diet

If your dog is not eating properly, there must be something wrong with your dog.

  • Extreme Thirst

If you see an increase in water consumption, your dog is not well. He has got some diseases like diabetes. 

  • Loss of weight

If your dog is becoming weaker than before, then he must be diagnosed as a diabetic patient. 

  • Abnormally Sweet Smell

If you find a lovely smell, he must have diabetes.

  • Exhaustion

If you feel your dog is not as fast as he was before. If you feel laziness in your dog’s activity, he must have diabetes. 

  • Dehydration

Dehydration is also one of the common symptoms of diabetes in dogs

  • Urinary Tract Toxicities

If there is a change in your dog’s urinary tract, then there is diabetes. 

  • Vomiting

This is also one of the common symptoms of diabetes in dogs. They start vomiting due to imbalance of sugar level in blood 

  • Blindness

If your dog is not behaving well, then, take him for a checkup. This may due to blindness since high blood sugar leaves negative impact on the eye sight.

  • Chronic Skin Infection

If your dog is suffering from diabetes, then he must have a skin infection. 


If you observe the above common symptoms of diabetes in dogs, then you must focus on their diet. It is vital to choose fruit, vegetable, and meat to include to their diet. But, it is good to avoid toxic food, and dried meat. They are harmful to their health. Further, you must take your dogs for the regular exercise; it will keep them active and maintain their blood sugar level. This is the time, when your dogs need your consideration. 

You may go to the pet’s doctor for treatment if you feel any symptoms. It is good to consult the doctor when you realize that your pet is showing all these signs. We all know that diabetes is common in dogs, feline, and other animals. So, to avoid any big health issues, you must consult with the doctor.

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