Black Australorp Chicks: Everything You Need to Know

black australorp chicks

The Black Australorp is a chicken breed known for its friendly nature, excellent egg-laying abilities, and stunning black plumage. Black Australorp chicks are a joy to raise for any backyard chicken keeper. Read on to learn all about these charismatic little chicks!

The Black Australorp originated in Australia in the early 1900s from crosses of Black Orpingtons and Black Minorcas. The breed was further refined in England and Australia throughout the early 20th century. The name “Australorp” combines “Australia” and “Orpington” as a nod to the breed’s heritage.

Quick Facts: black australorp chicks

TemperamentDocile and friendly
Egg laying abilityExcellent (up to 300 eggs per year)
WeightHens: 6-7 pounds; Roosters: 8-10 pounds
MaturityReaches full size in 4-5 months
Lifespan6-8 years
black australorp chicks


Black Australorp chicks hatch out with black down. As they mature, their plumage becomes a lustrous black with a lovely beetle green sheen in bright sunlight. Hens and roosters sport the same coloration.

These chickens have a single comb, red wattles, and earlobes. Their beaks and legs are black or bluish-black.

Black Australorps are medium to large fowl. Mature roosters weigh around 8.5 lbs and hens around 6.5 lbs.

nutrient for Black Australorp chicks

NutrientAmount per 100 grams
Vitamin A1000 IU
Vitamin D400 IU


Black Australorps are known for their docile, friendly personalities. Black Australorp chicks raised with care quickly become accustomed to human presence. They are not aggressive and do well when handled gently.

Why Black Australorp Is The Best Chicken Breed

Egg Laying

Egg laying is where Black Australorps really shine. Black Australorp hens are exceptional layers, producing up to 250 large brown eggs annually. They start lying around 5 months of age.

The eggs have a beautiful dark brown shell color. Some hens may lay lighter brown eggs as well.


Black Australorp hens have a moderate tendency towards broodiness. About 30% of hens will go broody and diligently incubate a clutch of eggs. This makes them a good dual-purpose breed if you want to raise chicks naturally.

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Diet summary

0-4 weeks20% protein chick starter feed
5-8 weeks18% protein chick grower feed
9-16 weeks16% protein chick grower feed
17+ weeks16% protein layer feed
black australorp chicks


Caring for Black Australorp chicks and hens is similar to most other backyard chicken breeds:

  • Feed them a balanced layer of feed along with treats like greens, vegetables, and fruits. They are not picky eaters.
  • Provide fresh water daily.
  • House them in a coop and chicken run. They do well in confinement or free-ranging. Aim for at least 4 square feet inside the coop and 8-10 square feet in the run per bird.
  • Watch for common health issues like parasites, respiratory infections, and bumblefoot. Provide proper vet care as needed.

With good care, these personable chickens will reward you with years of delightful companionship and bountiful eggs! Get more Info about Birds.

Common health issues

Health issueSymptomsPrevention and treatment
CoccidiosisBloody diarrhea, weight loss, lethargy, ruffled feathersKeep chicks’ living quarters clean and dry. Consult with a veterinarian immediately if suspected.
Marek’s diseaseTumors on the nerves, organs, and skin, paralysis, lamenessVaccinate chicks against Marek’s disease.
Infectious bronchitisSneezing, coughing, rattling breath, nasal dischargeVaccinate chicks against infectious bronchitis. Provide fresh water and electrolytes if chicks become infected.
Pasty buttCaked feces around the ventClean the vent regularly with a warm, damp cloth. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the vent if pasty butt does occur.
Leg weaknessSplayed legs, weakness in the legs, difficulty walkingProvide chicks with a nutritious diet and keep their living quarters clean and dry. Support legs with a splint or brace if leg weakness does occur.
black australorp chicks

Final Thought

Black Australorp chicks grow into stunning chickens with sweet dispositions. Their ink-black plumage is eye-catching, and they lay prodigious amounts of brown eggs. For the backyard flock owner seeking a friendly, productive breed, the Black Australorp is an excellent choice! Raising these chicks from day one creates a close bond between the chicken and the keeper. With proper care and housing, Black Australorps will flourish and provide enjoyment for years to come.


1: How many eggs do Black Australorp hens lay per year?

Black Australorp hens are exceptional layers, producing about 250 brown eggs per year once they reach 5 months old.

2: What is the temperament of Black Australorps like?

Black Australorps have a very friendly, docile temperament. They are not aggressive and do well when handled gently.

3: What color are Black Australorp chicks when they hatch?

Black Australorp chicks hatch out with black down. Their plumage color remains black as they mature.

4: Are Black Australorps good for beginner chicken owners?

Yes, Black Australorps are an excellent breed for beginners. They are low-maintenance, friendly, excellent layers, and easy to handle.

5: How much space do Black Australorps need?

Provide at least 4 square feet of coop space and 8-10 square feet of run space per Black Australorp chicken. More space is always better.

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